Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fantasy du Jour

So, we all have library fantasies, difficult-to-obtain stuff we know would improve library services dramatically. I'm longing for a Bokomaten, an automated dispenser like the red box at SaveMart, only for books. No, I don't want to put folks out of work. Instead, I want John Q. Public to be able to check out a book at 4:00 am if he's in the mood.

Because there's nothing worse than not having something to read. Admit it -- haven't you at least occasionally been reduced to reading Cheerios boxes and Ajax labels, because you didn't have a book available? Imagine being able to borrow a book from a vending machine any time of the day or night! In my ideal world, not only would Bokomatens stand outside every library, but you'd also find them in grocery stores, airports, lobbies of hospitals and medical offices, and at the DMV. You'd never have to think, "Damn, I wish I'd brought a book with me" again.

Of course, I rarely have to think that; one of my life mottos is: "Never go anywhere without a book," but still . . .

Click here to see a Bokomaton in action up in Yuba County.

And hey, what's your library fantasy?


  1. You must be psychic! SPL is, with almost 100% certainty, going to be installing a Bokomaten at the George Sim Community Center in south Sac late this summer!

  2. Update: The Bokomaten will be 100% paid for by the City of Sacramento; no Library money at all :)